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Prayer to the Holy Kyprian and Holy Justina


Kyprian was a great magician who was payed to cast a spell over Justina. Justina managed to resist his greatest magic by her devotion and the aid she received from the Holy Spirit. Kyprian realized he had been deceived and had followed a false path and subsequently converted.

This sainted pair offers protection and blessings which will help you to resist magical influences. An blessed icon will grant a protective blessing to your home. The ritual described below can be done to invoke deeper blessings. READ MORE HERE→

ritual numerology


Much has been written about the significance of numbers. From Kabbalah to Free Masonry, from Demonlogy, Bible codes, Tarot to conspiracy theory, each has it’s opinion about he power of each number. When we start to compare all these sources however they do not all seem to be pointing towards one reality or system underlying all of them…