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Series on how to Die Well

This is the start of a mini-series on dying well. The reason for this is that over time I have had more and more cases where people were having problems with the transition from life to death. I am afraid that this is a growing trend and would like to help prevent such problems from increasing. Due to the Corona outbreak people are more aware of the problems they might face upon death.

Prayer to the Holy Kyprian and Holy Justina


Kyprian was a great magician who was payed to cast a spell over Justina. Justina managed to resist his greatest magic by her devotion and the aid she received from the Holy Spirit. Kyprian realized he had been deceived and had followed a false path and subsequently converted.

This sainted pair offers protection and blessings which will help you to resist magical influences. An blessed icon will grant a protective blessing to your home. The ritual described below can be done to invoke deeper blessings. READ MORE HERE→