How to use the Library Filter

How to navigate?

Our posts are categorized along various dimensions:

Type allows you to select a written Article, Video or Reference Material. Video has subcategories allow you to find Lessons, Question Hours, Demonstrations or Other.

-Which energetical layer they describe. From low to high the layers are Chi, Chakra, Aura, Astral and Higher Dimensions.

-Which religious system they relate to.

-What type of energetic technique is described. Magick uses discipine and willpower, Mysticism relies on opening up, Hermetic relies on symbols and spiritual laws, Hierophantic combines all methods. Most people have a talent which guides them to use one technique more than others.

Topic allows you to find posts which are philosophical or spiritual in nature or even post relating to world events. The spiritual category has five sub-categories Meditation, Reading & Divination, Ritual, Healing and Initiation.