Business coaching

Any business is similar to a living body. It has many different organs/departments and the health of the company depends on their ability to meet the needs of the whole. A department can in itself seem to be running perfectly, but without supporting the rest of the body it is like a cancer. Likewise employees can be hard working, but like infections they can disrupt harmonious cooperation. Tracking down problems to their root is a time consuming, but necessary process. The reality is that the management often lacks the time, focus, skill or experience to do more than first-aid when the company becomes sick. This is why we at Forgotten Way offer our services to help companies to become and to stay healthy. I will list here some of the most common company diseases:

Cloning. Too many employees with a similar profile. This is often a reflection of what the recruiter thinks is the perfect employee. Because people with similar talents will try to fill the same niche this usually leads to conflicts and blind spots.

Management team does not fit product cycle or company maturation. Often the cycle of inspiration, development, marketing, finance becomes stuck in one stage which is ultimately unable to solve all issues. Even worse the different foci can start competing for the company’s resources.

Single point of failure. If a single person or other asset becomes irreplaceable the company is vulnerable and the person or asset gains an undesirable amount of power, control, stress and responsibility.

Bad protocols. Management always desires control, which translates into standardization and sampling or measuring. Standardization can limit flexibility and employee morale can drop when their personal control becomes limited. Sampling and reporting can interfere with primary company processes and thus cost the company more than it can possibly gain.

Boardroom tigers. Some companies suffer from a few individuals having superior social skills which allow them to control the decision making processes. This usually leads to better ideas never being carried out because their proponents are less socially skilled.

It is often very hard for leaders to accept criticism, especially from inside the organization. Also many companies become stratified or departmentalized, which causes managers to lose their feel of what is going on with the company as a whole. Any combination of problems can lead to a toxic atmosphere in the company. We at Forgotten Way can help you tackle all these problems. It doesn’t matter to us if you are a business owner, manager or employee. We can help you personally as well as the business you are in by providing:

Coaching and leadership training
-Conflict mediation and resolution
-Role played practise sessions
-Employee profiling
-Analysis of your company
-Analysis of your competitors
-Protocol design

We are here to help you find the essence of what is going on. Together we will track any and all blockages in the flow and get things moving smoothly again. We are looking for happy, satisfied customers, we are looking for you. Do not hesitate to contact us and learn more about what we can do.