– your professional best friend

At the Forgotten Way we have many healing methods at our disposal so we can address issues on many levels. We don’t fight the symptoms, but try to uncover the cause from a holistic perspective.
During our first session we perform an analysis of your energy body so we can gauge the effectiveness of treatments. If necessary we first do a series of treatments to bring the client in an optimal condition before we start more intensive processes. Usually the first thing we try to find out is if the problem is systemic or environmental and which symptoms have root causes on other levels. By eliminating the factors one by one we can narrow down the problem and start healing it.

An essential part of the healing process is learning new ways of dealing with yourself and your problems. Replacing harmful habits by helpful ones and learning to address problems before they can turn into an avalanche of symptoms. Our methods are not limited to treating just the body, but also include moral and spiritual advice, optimizing your living and working space, healing the relationships with your loved ones and the teaching of self healing techniques and methods to help your pets and children.

Most problems disappear by themselves, but sometimes we want them to go away more quickly or to stop them from coming back all the time. This is when we seek an effective treatment. Fortunately most problems are just small localized events which can be healed in just a few sessions. Every once in a while though the symptom is just the tip of the iceberg. We believe that an imbalance on one level can cause a problem on another level. So a mental problem can have emotional repercussions and emotional problems can manifest themselves in the physical body. Any imbalance can start a cascade of events which blurs the root cause. We might for instance be bothered by a back pain never realizing that the root cause could be our relationship.

We at Forgotten Way are your professional best friend offering acceptance, advice, support and assistance to help you find your way back to being as you are supposed to be.

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