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Series on how to Die Well

This is the start of a mini-series on dying well. The reason for this is that over time I have had more and more cases where people were having problems with the transition from life to death. I am afraid that this is a growing trend and would like to help prevent such problems from increasing. Due to the Corona outbreak people are more aware of the problems they might face upon death.

Strong Mars impulse

Battle of the Gladiators
We as humans and all living beings on Earth are influences and guided by various energies. Many of you know about astrological influences and planetary impulses. When you wondering how to distinguish certain energies from others, you should be going to their materialized sources. In this video you can learn about Mars energy and its gifts. As an example here will be discussed Arena of Arles in South France as a strong and more pure source of Mars energy.

Watch video here → Arena of Arles, strong Mars Energy