Spiritual guidance

We believe each spirit is unique and although our goals may be the same, we may require different methods to get there. Learning what works for you is the most valuable tool in navigating through the myriad religions and spiritual practices being offered. Each of us is born with talents, some talents are more useful on a physical plane while other talents lead us to focus away from the material. Spiritual development is not just about development of spiritual powers. It is about understanding what you want to achieve in your life, both in respect to yourself and to the world around you.

One reason why every culture has monasteries, hermits and priests is that spiritual development can be very hard to do on your own while having to deal with society as well. Sometimes we need to feel supported in our efforts by people following a similar path, other times we need to find our own path or truth. It may even be necessary to receive guidance either by an expert or even from a higher source. At the Forgotten Way we aim to offer these types of support. We don’t just want to give people an extra ordinary experience, we want you to make stable progress on your own path.

As you may know our time is known as the Era of the archangel Michael. He inspires us to develop our divine spark. But we cannot do this without remembering our own strength, our purpose in the universe or without realizing the nature of the cosmos. Without a good foundation, a healthy framework and solid walls to support the roof it will collapse. We are here to assist in all stages of building your inner temple. We can gauge the effects of many techniques on your energy body and provide feedback. We can help you to learn techniques by which you can help yourself such as prayer, divination, trance traveling and healing.