Welcome to the Forgotten Way club!

We exist to give you new ideas for continuing your development. This site is meant especially for people who are sensitive to energy, take an interest in the people they meet on their path or have a good intuition and desire to follow their inner voice. If you are interested in experiencing these things you are on the right path visiting the Forgotten Way club.


There are many things which might make us lose our way. Some of us struggle with ourselves trying to deal with our aggression, depression, dependencies or selfishness. Others lose themselves in their environment through relationships, family and work. A few of us manage to find paths which can help us to deal with ourselves and the people around us, but sometimes these paths are themselves hard to follow or even misleading. This is why we came up with the Forgotten Way initiative. Our aim is to band together and provide roadside assistance for people traveling life’s path.


We can all feel overwhelmed at times, but usually we are able to solve or endure any situation. If only we have the right insight, state of mind or support. We at the Forgotten Way want to make it easier for you to share you burden and to focus on yourself and your life in a positive way. We guide people in seeking guidance through prayer and meditation as well as through coaching and counseling. We encourage people to find back their joy and healthy perspective by organizing relaxing and inspiring events. We invite you to come and share in our experience and expertise in trying to make the world just a little bit more light!

Where and when?

We provide our help wherever we are invited, either by going there in person or through a phone or internet (and heart and energy) connection. We are living in Sweden and have roots in Latvia and the Netherlands so most of the activities we organize ourselves will be in these areas. We are available daily between 10 am and 10 pm Central European Time.