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House of Nature spirits

Besides embodied beings there are many other living beings existing withing us. For instance Nature spirits live in woods, water, wind etc, but also there are gods who take care of Nature spirits. There is a nice place in Southern France that still is functional recreational center under a watch of Goddess Diana Artemis. Temple of Diana also works as a home for many Nature spirits.

See a short video‚Üítemple of Diana Artemin home for nature spirits <

Mother Earth

Meditation to Our Mother Earth

You are born here, on Earth. You drink it’s water, eat it’s matter, you use it’s body to sustain your life. But are you in harmony with the Earth? Is your hearth¬† pulsating together with Her hearth?

Here you can find a way to connect your Mother Earth, fall in love with Her again…

Watch videos :

Earth prayer / introduction

Earth Prayer