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Lillith, Lamia, Lilin

Investigation into the true nature of Lillith

Many people have heard tales of Lillith, the first woman, the seductress, the mother of demons. Lillith is associated with Lamia, vampiric spirits from the ancient Greek tradition, Lilin, demonic night spirits and her mate the archangel Samael. How much of this is truth? How much of it is patriarchal propaganda or simply erroneous conclusions? How much of the story comes from the dark cosmos trying to mislead us? Rather than just relying on various books, which are themselves based on other books, we decided to go directly to the source using summoning techniques and astral travel. To the article


A ritual is a series of symbolic or energetic actions carried out alone or with a group. This is usually on one location for a certain length of time. The spiritual use of rituals is that due to the time involved more energy can be gathered and people can become more focussed and involved in the process. Despite the benefits a poorly done ritual can be risky because of the power which builds up over time. To guide people new to rituals I have compiled a few pieces of advice for a succesful ritual. To the article


An every day question, but not one with a simple answer. At present we have international conventions defining time. The base unit is the second which is multiplied to define minutes, hours, days, weeks and years. But what is a second? What is the basis of modern time keeping and perception. The anwer is: To the Article

The Seven Steps of the Path of Light

The casual spiritual seeker is often confronted with a bewildering amount of terms and goals which she should strive towards. Ofcourse each method presents itself as a panacea for all spiritual troubles making it harder for the seeker to find what she is looking for. The system outlined below has been used for many centuries in esotherical groups throughout europe and asia. To the article<