Between 2 and 17 November 2019 Han Ko will be providing workshops and sessions in the Netherlands.

Chakra Bonding Workshop-ideal for couples

Chakra bonding is a technique to connect your energy body to that of another so that you can form a more harmonious and deeper bond. It is an exploration of your own and each others chakras. This experience can also be healing since you can provide support and nurture each other. The harmonizing effect also helps you in performing energy work and dealing with challenging experiences.
It is an especially good exercise for couples and even more so if you would like to have children. The joining of the energies provides any incarnating spirit with a richer palette of energies with which to shape it’s own energy body. Before and during any bonding you will have to work with the protections and projections you have build up over time so they won’t limit you too much.

Since you will be in close proximity of your partner please refrain from perfumes and wear easy fitting clothing.

Cosmology-understand the unseen universe

This course will help you make sense of spiritual events in your life and distinguishing which spiritual practices suit you best. Cosmos means order and logos book or knowledge, so cosmology means knowing the order, in this case of different levels of consciousness and the energies, paths and powers associated with them.
Besides giving a general overview of the energetic universe you will learn about the different power centers within you and the different development flows which your spirit can follow. Find out what the difference is between elves, guides, gods, enlightened beings and angels.

Because the workshop will include some meditations we suggest you eat satvic vegetarian/vegan/fructarian the day before for the best results.

To book a session or register for a workshop please email to