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The Art of Prayer



Meditate on your improvement focus.

Before starting the prayer meditate to become more aware and in contact with the points you wish to improve in yourself. Try not to select more than three so as to focus your consciousness well. A good connection is only possible by acceptance, so if we hate or dislike parts of ourselves we go into a state of internal conflict and internal conflicts can only be fought and won by ourselves. Other powers will not interfere. The only way to pray effectively is as a whole, albeit imperfect being… READ MORE HERE →


Prayer to Saint Channah (Anna)

Introduction to Saint Channah (Anna)
Sv_AnnaChannah is the mother of saint Mary, the mother of Jezus, who later became the Kristos. So she is the grandmother to Jezus Christ. Just like her daughter she is invoked by people at times of danger and trials for protection and mercy. Typically these have been the trials of unmarried women, women in labour, grandmothers, horseback riders, sailors and miners. Prayers to her seek not only to avert the dangers of chance and the elements, but call upon her wisdom so the trials may be overcome… Continue here