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Labyrinthine problems

 Labyrinthine problems

Many people have heard of the labyrinth of Crete where the Minotaur, who was armed with a labyris(double bladed axe), lived until slain by Theseus and of Ariadne's tread which led him out. Others may have heard or may even have visited the labyrinth in the Cathedral of Chartres. Mankind is regained an interest in the labyrinth as a spiritual development tool. As far as I know there are several separate methods of labyrinth use.

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Mother Earth

Meditation to Our Mother Earth

You are born here, on Earth. You drink it's water, eat it's matter, you use it's body to sustain your life. But are you in harmony with the Earth? Is your hearth  pulsating together with Her hearth?

Here you can find a way to connect your Mother Earth, fall in love with Her again...

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