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Developing energy body

As children we learn how to use our physical bodies through imitation, instruction and experimentation. In the same way we can learn to use our subtle energy. Just like in the physical world each talent requires method and stimulation to mature and requires exercise to gain speed, precision and strength. Some people are more talented in a specific range of energies depending on their constitution or are more easily aware of a certain layer of their being.



Energetic constitution:

-Structure and stability, the physical plane
-Life force and emotion
-Thought and communication
-Transformation and spirits


-Manifestation of your Will
-Sensitivity and Merging
-Knowledge of the Cosmos, Symbols and Cycles
-Harmony and Higher Consciousness

Here at Forgotten Way we offer courses and workshops to develop all these aspects of your being:




-Sensing and focusing lifeforce
-Water Chi
-Wood Chi
-Fire Chi
-Earth Chi
-Metal Chi
-Air Chi


-Chakra meditation
-Chakra manipulation
-Lower Chakras
-Middle Chakras
-Higher Chakras
-Secondary Chakras
-Native American Chakra systems


-Aura manipulation
-Aura reading
-Aura healing


-Religions and Spiritual Brotherhoods
-Astral Travel
-Spirits, Power Animals and Higher Beings
-Higher Magick and Initiation


Lillith, Lamia, Lilin

lilithMany people have heard tales of Lillith, the first woman, the seductress, the mother of demons. Lillith is associated with Lamia, vampiric spirits from the ancient Greek tradition, Lilin, demonic night spirits and her mate the archangel Samael. How much of this is truth? How much of it is patriarchal propaganda or simply erroneous conclusions? How much of the story comes from the dark cosmos trying to mislead us? Rather than just relying on various books, which are themselves based on other books, we decided to go directly to the source using summoning techniques and astral travel.

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