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Sexual Spirituality

Sexual spirituality Did you know that you can benefit from doing something you like to do?

If you would know that making sex is healthy for your spiritual growth, how your attitude towards your partner would change?

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Heart chakra

heart chakraYour important center of love

Did you know that heart chakras can have different forms?
Could you imagine that by changing the shape of a chakra you can change your personality?
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Chakras are centers in our body where energy of a specific vibration is concentrated. Each energy center has a specific function and these centers develop as our personality matures. The state of our chakras is a reflection of our personality as well as how we are are feeling at the moment.

More important than the chakras' power is how well balanced they are. An unbalanced chakra system can lead to both physical as well as personality imbalances. It is through the development of our chrakas that we grow as a person so our chakras are constantly in flux. This can make it hard to find our balance and personal power again without outside help.

In this course you will learn several techniques to sense chakras and how to heal them. Making a person aware of what is going on with them is a valuable tool for providing insight. When a person becomes balanced again they can resolve challenging circumstances with strength and flexibility.

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